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First National’s five most popular stories of Q4 2022

For Canadian commercial real estate financing news and capital market commentary, First National’s Resources & Insight Centre is a go-to source for our clients and business partners. In Q4 2022, the Centre saw lots of action that propelled these five stories to the top of the cue. 

Cap Rates v2

A progress report from Jeremy Wedgbury from October 27 takes top honours as the quarter’s most widely read article as it speaks to new financing incentives offered by the MLI Select program. 


The Bank of Canada’s overnight rate rises another 50 basis points published December 7, the day the Bank made its final policy decision of the year and weighed in on the state of, and outlook for, inflation.
An overview of credit spreads, interest rates, and key announcements came from the desk of Jason Ellis, First National’s President and CEO on September 23 and as always Jason provided a succinct summary of these weighty matters as well as random musings that make for an enjoyable read.

Bank of Canada increases its benchmark rate to 3.75% from October 27 also made the top five, proving that our readers are following every move that the central bank makes during this inflationary time.

Mid-Range Hedge: How three leading First National clients profited from our newest innovation from August 4 showcased working examples of the industry’s first 9-month rate lock program for maturing CMHC insured multi-unit property mortgages, construction take-out loans and funds needed for long-dated purchases.

Should you have story ideas for Resources & Insights in 2022, or questions about these top articles, please speak to your First National advisor