Top Five Stories

Here's What's Trending in Our Commercial Real Estate World So Far In 2019

Based on click-throughs to our industry-leading Resources & Insight Centre, here are the top five most-viewed stories of Q1.

Borrower Perspectives: Jim Spatz and Paul Murphy, is a profile of the leaders of Southwest Properties who share their perspectives on the Halifax market and their vision for growth. 
Cap Rate Compression is story exploring the low capitalization rate trend and what it means for property owners and buyers. 
What’s Happening with Bond Yields and CMBs? From our February 8th Market Commentary, this is a point-in-time review of 5-year yield trends and offers an observation on non-bond real estate financing.
Cap Rates v2
A Review of Bonds and the Federal Budget, our Marketing Commentary from March 22nd, provides a critical analysis of the new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive combined with market-moving economic news courtesy of Andrew Masliwec, Analyst, Capital Markets.
As a Commercial borrower, Here’s what You Need to Know about AML, is an interview with Taryn Kelly, Manager, Compliance – Commercial Mortgages, on the anti-money laundering standards that First National uses to to stamp out this costly crime.