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First National’s Resources & Insights Centre is dedicated to delivering commercial real estate financing news and commentary that matters. In Q3, these were the stories that mattered most to our readers based on viewership.

The Wedgbury Report examines recent trends in Canadian commercial real estate finance and reports on First National’s conventional and insured origination volumes through the first half of 2019. 

Jeremy Wedgbury’s Key Takeaways from the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference presents a synopsis of market observations made by our Senior Vice-President, Commercial Mortgages during this annual gathering of apartment owners and developers. 


Borrower Perspectives Revisited updates our 2017 profile of Chartwell Retirement Residences, the largest owner/operator of seniors’ housing in Canada with the help of Jonathan Wen, their VP Real Estate Finance and Investments. 
Cap Rates v2
Market Commentary August 16th chronicles the dramatic decline in bond yields over the past year, the shift in the credit curve and new First National 15- and 20-year commercial products. 
Market Commentary July 18th reports on the first decline in the Bank of Canada 5-year Benchmark Qualifying Rate in over a year and spreads on several new bond issuances.