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First National’s five most popular stories of 2024 so far

First National’s Resources & Insight Centre is your source for capital market news and commentary penned by our empowered advisors. Here are the Centre’s most widely read stories of Q1. 

Cap Rates v2

Rate and GDP update and US employment numbers was the February 2 installment of the ever-popular Treasury Guy’s breezy but insightful assessment of recent economic data.


First National reports record annual commercial originations, prepares for more in ’24 from the desk of Jeremy Wedgbury on March 7 offers First National’s first look at the outlook for the new year including a shift underway in institutional participation in the multi-unit property sector.
An update on rates, the BoC meeting and US GDP sees the Treasury Guy strike again with an end of January report on benchmark Government of Canada Bonds, events in debt capital markets and a shout out to artificial intelligence, Nikki Haley and auto theft – comprehensive coverage to say the least.

Bank of Canada starts 2024 by keeping its benchmark interest rate at 5.0% is a synopsis of the widely anticipated Bank of Canada policy interest rate decision on January 24 including the BoC’s updated wisdom on the state (and outlook) for the Canadian economy.

A look at this week’s inflation numbers and recent housing market activity rounds out the most popular stories – and means Treasury Guy is three for three this quarter – with his report  from January 19 that dives into bond yield movements, inflation, housing market activity, the Canada Mortgage Bond and the US Presidential Primary.

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