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Your goals and dreams guide us, ground our advice and gauge our value. Everything that we do as an empowered team of advisors – applying our deep experience to decision making, building and evolving relationships, showing up with confidence and insisting on accountability – we do to empower you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

Get to know our teams and advisors and find out how through collaboration and earned trust we can guide you to your goals.

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Team Drexler

Emphasizing solutions. Building trust. Empowering contributions.

We consider our business an advisor business. We put ourselves in the shoes of our stakeholders – clients, investors, CMHC – and always focus on what’s best for them. Relationships are everything, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity in both our personal and professional dealings. As real estate owners and members of real estate families ourselves, we truly understand the power of partnership, trustworthiness and dependability. Individual and team development remains an ongoing core priority for us, so we can continuously reinforce and strengthen our values: empowerment, a solutioning mindset, independent thinking, collaborative spirit and learning by doing. Our clients benefit from four sharp minds contributing their expertise, perspective, energy and creativity to getting deals done right. We only take on mandates when we are confident that we can deliver, and as a result, we are known as credible executors, growth facilitators and trusted advisors.


Andrew Drexler

  • Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
  • 416.593.3037
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Abby McQuire

  • Director, Commercial Financing
  • 416-593-3020
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Leanne Kyle

  • Analyst, Commercial Financing
  • 416.597.3527
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