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Andrew Drexler

Andrew Drexler

Andrew is a member of:
Team Drexler

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing


Relationship builder. Trusted advisor. Sought-after expert.

Andrew has been a part of the First National Financial commercial team for over 15 years, and has originated more than $4 billion in commercial financing.

For Andrew, reputation is everything. He builds his by consistently being a trusted advisor to his clients, adding the value of his honesty and expertise.

Andrew has originated debt across the country and across all asset classes. That diversity shapes his perspectives and defines how he evaluates opportunities and identifies the value inherent in a deal.

Working at First National, Andrew feels encouraged to put client needs ahead of his own and communicate frankly and honestly. It’s how he’s built his reputation and contributed to First National’s reputation as well.

Industry involvement:  Andrew is a contributor to Canadian Apartment Magazine on topics including new construction financing.