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Alexander Accomando

Alexander Accomando

Alexander is a member of:
Team Kimmel

Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing


Resourceful. Versatile. Communicative.

“I add value by tapping my diverse experience to offer multiple options when solving customer problems.”

Alexander joined the First National team in November 2021. Prior to this role, he had been working in the industry for 10 years – seven in commercial funding/documentation and three as an underwriter/analyst. When client problems arise, he views them in relation to the overall goal and surfaces multiple options for solutions. Recognizing that no two deals are the same, Alexander is versatile and open to adapting to whatever comes up during the loan process. He believes in honest communication, addressing problems and needs directly and setting reasonable expectations.

When he’s not adding value for First National borrowers, Alexander spends time in cottage country, enjoying the lake with his new dog.