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Team Kimmel

Trusted advisors. Sought after specialists. Foremost authorities.

Seniors housing is often a complex, highly specialized undertaking with many moving parts including real estate, business operations, care delivery and government funding. It’s a niche expertise that requires deep product knowledge, pedigree and a problem solving philosophy. In addition to its apartment financing expertise, Team Kimmel is a foremost authority in seniors housing, offering sought-after specialization supported by a high touch advisory approach and a commitment to building long-term, trusted relationships. An agile team of four, team Kimmel functions as a cohesive unit rather than several individuals interpreting a common vision. Relying on a highly collaborative approach, each member contributes ideas, perspectives and expertise to solution development. When a client calls one team member, essentially he or she is getting the benefit of the expertise of the entire team. Team Kimmel emphasizes face-to-face interactions, direct and transparent dealings with decision makers and a focus on action – get on the street, get your feet wet and live it to learn it. There is a quiet confidence balanced with bold leadership, making team Kimmel the first call for both aspiring and established borrowers in the Canadian seniors housing and apartment industries.

Team Kimmel
Brian Kimmel
Brian Kimmel Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
brian.kimmel@firstnational.ca 416.593.2916
Ryan Paquet
Ryan Paquet Manager, Commercial Financing
Ryan.Paquet@firstnational.ca 416.597.5795
Miyadh  Mutahar
Miyadh Mutahar Analyst, Commercial Financing
Miyadh.Mutahar@firstnational.ca 416.597.5455