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Ryan Paquet

Ryan Paquet

Ryan is a member of:
Team Kimmel

Director, Commercial Financing


Efficient executor. Relationship manager. Direct communicator.

Ryan has been a part of the First National Financial commercial team for the past 10 years, and has been a part of a team that has originated more than $4 billion in commercial financing.

For Ryan, working with different teams and a variety of owners has helped him to hone his instinct, knowledge of precedents, confidence to say no and ability to expedite to earn trust.

After gaining experience across a diverse spectrum of commercial financing deals, Ryan is currently focusing on seniors housing, working side-by-side with Brian Kimmel, the foremost expert in seniors housing in Canada. Deep in the trenches, Ryan is contributing actively to new precedents in seniors housing financing. He understands the importance of assessing the viability of a deal, providing quick answers and balancing expectations with reality. When a deal is worth pursuing, he is organized from both the management and process perspectives. Emphasizing transparency, clients always know what they need to provide to begin and expedite the financing process.  

Loyal and grateful for the decade of learning and growth that he’s had at First National, Ryan is looking forward to ongoing exposure to the intricacies of seniors housing and continued mentoring from proven experts in the space.