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Your goals and dreams guide us, ground our advice and gauge our value. Everything that we do as an empowered team of advisors – applying our deep experience to decision making, building and evolving relationships, showing up with confidence and insisting on accountability – we do to empower you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

Get to know our teams and advisors and find out how through collaboration and earned trust we can guide you to your goals.

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Adam Powadiuk

Adam Powadiuk

Adam is a member of:
Team Bellwood and Tomulka

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing


Trusted advisor. Determined deal closer. Smart risk taker.

Adam joined First National in 2012 and works on a team that originates over $2 billion annually.

For Adam, providing sound advice builds trust in client relationships. With that trust, he can help take clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Adam bases his approach around two key philosophies – be persistent but not pushy and be exhaustive in your efforts to see deals through to the end. He is known for digging in, exploring the depths of deals and then applying ingenuity and smart risk taking to get deals done right.

Working at First National, Adam feels encouraged to pursue his style of building relationships with clients – investing time and attention to really know clients, dedication to getting the deal done and taking smart risks to move clients to their real estate goals.