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Prepayment privileges and charges

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Paying down a First National mortgage faster

Take advantage of prepayment privileges

For most people with a mortgage, the goal is to become mortgage free as quickly as possible. As your client's real estate lender, we want to help them achieve that goal. First National offers several prepayment privileges depending on the mortgage product selected that can help save on interest costs and pay down your mortgage more quickly.

Prepayment Privileges

Understanding prepayment charges

When prepayment charges may apply to your client

Depending on how your client chooses to manage their mortgage and their payments, there may be times when they have to pay additional charges.

Understanding Prepayment Charges

Prepaying without a prepayment charge

How to avoid prepayment charges

In certain scenarios, charges apply if your client chooses to prepay their closed-term mortgage prior to the maturity date. However, there are ways to avoid prepayment charges. To help your client manage their mortgage as efficiently as possible and save costs, we have outlined several ways that they can use their First National prepayment privileges to their advantage.

Avoiding Prepayment Charges