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First National resources for June 2021

First National’s Resources & Insight Centre is your source for original perspectives on developments and industry trends, thought leadership and practical customer tools. Take a look at our content shared in June 2021 below.


Customer video: Paying your property taxes

First National can pay your client's property taxes, but sometimes timing affects which bills First National will take over. Watch this video to learn more.


Be your best in how you choose to communicate

Communication, even though it’s changed a lot with technology, is still fundamental to building a business, delivering service and engendering loyalty. What approach do you take to be your best in how you communicate? Judith Humphrey of the leadership consultancy The Humphrey Group offers 4 strategies to organize and deliver your thoughts so they resonate in both one-on-one and group communication.  


Better answers to client questions

During periods of uncertainty, it’s natural for clients to have more questions than usual and for you to feel like you need to respond to everything immediately. In your rush to be responsive, it’s important to remember that giving a poor answer quickly only increases client anxiety. This video shows you a simple way to respond to clients efficiently and accurately.

Chris Graham is a communication expert and the founder of TellPeople, where he teaches storytelling and communication to professionals. He’s a speaker, consultant, investor, and comedian. Chris provides ongoing support to the team at First National, and we are delighted to share his insights with our broker community.

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